How to Prepare Nigerian Pounded Yam


My favorite Nigerian dish is pounded yam and vegetable soup. Among the Yoruba people, ‘iyan’, as pounded yam is commonly called, is generally regarded as the kind of all foods.

It is a common belief that if a person fails to eat pounded yam in a day, that person has not fed well that day. Among all food eaten by the people, pounded yam is highly regarded. pounded yam is commonly taken in the afternoon or in the evening before going to bed.

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How to Prepare Nigerian Pounded Yam
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Moreels of pounded yam must be accompanied by some Stew. Any soup would do but it is most satisfying when it is taken with melon soup cooked with vegetables.

Despite the fact that it is a little bit too tedious to prepare pounded yam, people get fascinated with preparing it. It takes some time and process to prepare.

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This starts with procuring some tubers of yam, the number of which depends on the number of people who will be fed. The yam has to be peeled and cut into small pieces.

These slices have to be washed thoroughly with water, arranged in a pot and some water is then added. The pot containing the yam will then be put on the fire to cook.

When the has been cooked on the fire for about forty minutes, the next stage which is pounding of the cooked yam will follow. Getting the yam pounded is the most difficult aspect of preparing pounded yam.

Before the yam is done on fire, a sizable mortar and two or three pestles are made ready. The number of pestles is determined by the size of the mortar itself, the quantity of the cooked yam and the size of the family to be fed with the pounded yam is put into consideration also, while the pounding goes on, the soup is also being cooked.

All the ingredients for the soup must be ready. The meat is boiled first with a little salt added. After boiling the meat, the pepper is also boiled for some time.

The pepper should not be too much to make one enjoy the pounded yam. When the pepper is boiled, one can add but a measure of two cooking spoonfuls of palm oil.

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When this is cooked for some time, one can also add other ingredients like melon and vegetables to make the soup tastier.

One can also add other condiments and allow the soup to boil for about forty_five minutes. When this is done, it can be served on plates.

Pounded yam is the delight of those who know the value of good food. It is delicious and satisfying when taken with melon and vegetables soup and bush meat. Those who are fond of pounded yam always give a satisfying belch after taking it.

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